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9 Jul 2009
URL Lister Firefox Plugin

URL Lister is a Firefox Plugin that shows the URLs of all the open tabs in a textarea so that it can be copied easily.

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28 Jun 2009
New Version of Autofields WordPress Plugin – 1.01.0

Created a new version of the autofields wordpress plugin. The main change is that now, it works with WordPress 2.8

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5 Jun 2009
Pollin WordPress Plugin

Pollin wordpress plugin will let you add polls to your blog. It can be shown to your visitors who will be able to vote in the poll. You can add the poll in a post by including the html comment [POLLIN 1] in the post. Here 1 is the ID of the poll to be shown.

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5 May 2009
New Surveys WordPress Plugin Release – 1.01.0

A new version of Surveys WordPress Plugin has been released today. The new version will have the following new features…